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Presione Español para leer APTC777.INFO en Español

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Educational Online Resources








Electrical testing and safety








Electrical safety rules and standards

OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Subpart S & OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Subpart I


NFPA 70E Standards


CSA 22.2-1010.1





IEC 61010


IEEE 1584-2002


IEEE Color Books


IEEE Color Books:

  • IEEE Std 141-1993 (The Red Book - Power Distribution) 
  • IEEE Std 142-2007 (The Green Book - Grounding) 
  • IEEE Std 241-1990 (The Gray Book - Commercial Buildings) 
  • IEEE Std 242-2001 (The Buff Book - Protection and Coordination)
  • IEEE Std 399-1997 (The Brown Book - Power Systems Analysis)
  • IEEE Std 446-1995 (The Orange Book - Emergency and Standby Power)
  • IEEE Std 493-2007 (The Gold Book - Reliable Design)
  • IEEE Std 551-2006 (The Violet Book - Short-Circuit Currents)
  • IEEE Std 602-2007 (The White Book - Health Care Facilities)
  • IEEE Std 739-1995 (The Bronze Book - Energy Management)
  • IEEE Std 902-1998 (The Yellow Book - Maintainance, Operations, and Safety)
  • IEEE Std 1015-2006 (The Blue Book - Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers)
IEEE Std 1100-2005 (The Emerald Book - Electronic Equipment)

Groups working with development of
broadband to help our local community! 
Southeast Community Development Corporation, Bell Gardence CA
EmpowerNet California, San Francisco CA
Youth Policy Institute, Los Angeles CA
Los Angeles County Regional Consortia, Los Angeles CA
Get Connected!
Club Digital
211 US
United Way
Center for Accessible Technology: Berkeley, CA
EmpowerTech: Los Angeles, CA
 iTech – Parents Helping Parents: San Jose, CA
Kern Assistive Technology Center: Bakersfield, CA
Team of Advocates for Special Children: Anaheim, CA
TransAccess: San Jose, CA
-Assistive Technology Exchange Center (ATEC): Santa Ana, CA
Accessible Technology Coalition
The Non Profit Network
Southern California Gas Company
Southern California Edison

Federal Communications Commission
Broadband America
White Space (Analog TV Signal)
Health & FCC


Telehealth and Telemedicine


mHealth FCC

Broadband Discount Programs

Lifeline Program for Low-Income Consumers

Telecommunications Access Policy Division

Senior Citizens Universal Lifeline Program
Connect USA

California Teleconnect Fund


Who is eligible to receive the CTF discount?

Select a customer category to view a list of organizations currently approved to receive CTF discounts:


For the complete eligibility rules and criteria, see the official Application and Instructions.  


The following is an overview of eligibility requirements and information:

     Schools & School Districts 

  • Public or nonprofit private schools
  • Located in California
  • Providing elementary or secondary education (K - 12)
  • Annual endowments under $50 million
  • Must have active County District School Code Number


  • Located in California
  • Eligible to participate in state-based plans for funds under Title III of the Library Services and Technology Act

     Hospitals & Health Clinics

  • Located in California
  • Owned and operated by a municipal, county government, or a hospital district
  • Some that do not meet the above “owned and operated” requirement may qualify as a Community Based Organization (see below)

     Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

  • Located in California
  • Serve communities in California
  • Tax-exempt, as described in Section 501(c)(3) or 501(d) of the Internal Revenue Code, Title 26
  • Directly offer one of the following services to the community: health care, job training, job placement, 2-1-1 referral services, educational instruction, or a community technology program
  • Total revenue (as reported on a Form 990) does not exceed $50 million
  • For organizations offering health care, all members of the organization’s board of directors members must reside within California

     Community Colleges

  • Located in California
  • Must submit an application with current Management Information System code

     California Telehealth Network (CTN)

  • Located in California
  • The CTN is eligible (as a consortium) to receive the discount on CTF-eligible CTN-related services only
  • Individual participants of the CTN can submit an independent application in attempt to receive the discount on non-CTN related services
WiFi Broadband notes:

·         The Los Angeles Public Library is providing public wireless Internet through Wi-Fi "Hot Spots" at no cost to users at the Central Library and all 71 of their branch locations.  

Anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled computer can access the service in select areas within the library facilities.

·         In October 2004, the City launched a free Wi-Fi wireless internet service at the Van Nuys Civic Center.  

The Wi-Fi mesh network provides wireless access to the Internet and is available at no charge to the public.  

A community portal page was developed and added later to deliver real time information about local events, 

City of Los Angeles Highlights, 311 City Services Directory, and other location specific information.

·         The Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and the Recreation and Parks Department (RAP) launched the Wi-Fi District in April 2005.  

JoVoGo Communications (previously known as Verge Wireless Networks) was contracted by CRA to install, operate, and support the users of the wireless network.  

The free wireless network serves mobile users in the park area with broadband Internet access leveraging content from ExperienceLA to promote culture tourism for the City, the neighborhood, and Downtown LA.

·         The Los Angeles Convention Center has developed a fee based operational model for Wi-Fi Internet access. 

The network is designed to provide Wi-Fi coverage throughout the facility for visitors and exhibitors.

·         Wi-Fi services are available throughout passenger terminals at the Los Angeles International Airport, Ontario International Airport, and are planned for the Van Nuys Airport facilities.  

LAWA Concessions recently awarded a contract to T-Mobile to build and operate these fee-for-use Wi-Fi services at the Airport Facilities.

Online Education in Spanish
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Academic information in Spanish
(Press picture to get academic information from http://www.academica.mx/login.html)

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